Finally, Honda updates its three new models 2023 Honda 650 Series, Rebel 500, and a special version of the Dax125,

Finally, Honda updates its three new models 2023 Honda 650 Series, Rebel 500, and a special version of the Dax125,

Thai Honda entered the market at the end of the year. Introducing four new models at the Motor Expo 2022, including the New Honda 650Series, a sporty in-line 4-cylinder with an aggressive look, the New Honda Rebel500, new colors and the Honda Dax125 Nippon Vibes Special Edition by Kitaco.

Honda motorcycles are manufactured and distributed in Thailand by Thai Honda. Launch four new models in anticipation of the Motor Expo 2022, including the new Honda CBR650R, a full fairing sports bike that has been redesigned to be more aggressive, and the new Honda CB650R Black Edition, a negke sports bike. With all black, a New Rebel 500, new colors matched with gold alloy wheels, and an exclusive Kitaco Dax125 Nippon Vibes Special Edition, limited to only 50 units, along with exciting offers and promotions. From 1-12 December 2022, Honda (G01) will be available.

A Honda Big Bike is designed to provide an exhilarating driving experience, according to Shigeto Kimura, President of Thai Honda Co., Ltd. It's all about taking technology leadership to a whole new level of excitement with the Thrilling Tech Excite Your Ride concept.

There are also four new models on the market, starting with the New CBR650, which has been adjusted to be even more aggressive, as well as the New CB650R Black Edition, a naked sports car in the style of neo-sport cafe, available in black or dark, as well as the Rebel500, which has been redesigned with new colors and gold alloy wheels to have more dimensions. Furthermore, Honda has launched the Dax125 Nippon Vibes Special Edition for those who love Japanese-style custom cars, a special edition model tailored to their tastes. There is a Honda booth at the Thai Expo where Thai people can see and feel all 4 models. this year.”

New Honda CBR650R, Honda's full-fledged 4 cylinder race track sports bike, was among the new models on display at this year's Motor Expo. Make the bike feel more aggressive by using black lines that perfectly match the bike. GRAND PRIX RED and MAT GUNPOWDER BLACK METALLIC are the two colors to choose from. Recommended price is 324,300 baht.

A naked 4-cylinder sports bike in the style of Neo Sports Café, the New CB650R, perfectly combines classic and modern style. It is recommended to purchase the CANDY CHROMOSPHERE RED and MAT DIM GRAY METALLIC colors for 309,100 Thai Baht.

In both 650Series models, there is also a Sport Shifter Edition that comes with a Quick Shifter lever and Seat Cowl, increasing both driving performance and adding a sportier look. CBR650R Sport Shifter Edition 333,500 baht, New CB650R Sport Shifter Edition 318,300 baht.

This third generation New Rebel500 is a real custom bobber that exudes coolness. The matte black MAT GUNPOWDER BLACK METALLIC is a perfect match for the golden alloy wheels. A special gray Bobber Supreme model with full accessories, recommended price 236,500 baht, and a new special gray Bobber Supreme model to show off your rebellion, recommended price 223,800 baht, and an 80's The Revolution model that features a retro-designed fuel tank and accessories around the bike, which is recommended at 249,900 baht.

The Dax125 Nippon Vibes Special Edition by Kitaco is a four-generation mini-bike, uniquely designed in a Japanese street touring style and decorated with 16 kitaco-designed customization items. It is limited to 50 units. Thai Baht 113,400

Furthermore, Honda has raised an army of big bikes of all models for everyone to enjoy. There is a special offer with the campaign "Honda BigBike BUY NOW... XCITE NOW", with monthly installments starting at only 2,948 baht, 3.29% per year interest, and gift vouchers of up to 200,000 baht, plus free registration and insurance for all bikes. The Honda Big Bike will be on display at the Honda Motorcycle Booth (G01), Challenger Building, Muang Thong Thani between 1-12 December.

Finally, Honda updates its three new models 2023 Honda 650 Series, Rebel 500, and a special version of the Dax125,

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