There is no end to the triumph! At the Motor Expo 2022, we will launch 10 models with promotions for every segment.

There is no end to the triumph At the Motor Expo 2022, we will launch 10 models with promotions for every segment.

In preparation for the Motor Expo 2022, Triumph Motorcycles will launch the Triumph Chrome Collection, a limited edition motorcycle featuring all 10 Bonneville models. Rocket 3 group includes a hand-crafted chrome silver fuel tank. reflects the full-fledged Triumph DNA It also comes with a set of accessories. A new chrome edition, as well as only being available for one year.

In addition to being close touched, reservations will be opened before anyone else for the first time. There are also many special offers at the event that make owning Triumph motorcycles easier, such as a 0 baht down payment promotion and a financial offer of up to 85,000 baht or getting 0% interest.

Get Free accessories worth over 92,690 baht when you own an All-New Triumph Tiger 1200 for 4 years. For this specific clothing collection, there is a special promotion with discounts up to 70%. Taking pictures in a British style and enjoying activities. See you at the event "The 39th Motor Expo" or Motor Expo 2022 at Triumph Booth G11, Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, between 1 - 12 December 2022. Triumph Chrome Collection" (Triumph Chrome Collection) 10 limited edition motorcycles, each model in an amazing collection, were unveiled at the Motor Expo 2022. It's a new, outstanding, beautiful look, whether it's the legendary Bon Neville.

Along with the world's top 3 rockets comes a handcrafted chrome silver fuel tank and a new chrome edition accessory set. Triumph's DNA is at its heart with its Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition, a 2-cylinder triple engine with the largest 500cc in the world. Comes with true beauty in black and white tones.

In addition to Jet Black fenders, headlight covers, fenders, windshields, radiator caps, side panels, and rear bodywork, there are flawless chrome fuel tanks. with the upper radiator cover and shock absorber guard, Matt Aluminum color, giving a difference, but perfect with the black engine, the car comes in a price of 1,015,000 baht. The Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition redefines cruiser bikes. With a chrome fuel tank, the 2,500 cc engine looks fantastic. The Diablo Red finish is beautiful. Red and chrome shine perfectly complement the side panels and rear body. while the Matt Aluminum Silver shock guard and upper radiator cover emphasize the beautiful lines. It comes with an exhaust pipe and intake pipe, priced at 1,045,000 baht.

A flawless chrome tank finishes off the triumph Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition 1200cc bike. Adding Jet Black fenders and headlight covers enhances the look. For the complete look of the motorcycle, a matching Meriden Blue windshield is also available. Long-distance driving is made easier with a dedicated accessory at 596,000 baht.With its all-black look and style, the Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition is a classic. Featuring a sleek Triumph triangle badge and a chrome fuel tank in Jet Black. Jet black fenders and side panels with eye-catching Bobber logos. A matching Jet Black short front fender is available as an optional accessory for 635,000 baht.

The Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition is a Bonneville twin-engine motorcycle with a full chrome fuel tank. This bike has a Brooklands Green stripe with a Triumph triangle badge. Stainless steel fenders and heat shields complement the bodywork. Jet Black headlamp covers and side panels with carefully selected accessories. These are all included in the Car Modification Kit, which costs 700,000 baht. Triumph's Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition is a classic British icon. A 1,200 cc engine with a limited edition Chrome fuel tank and Diablo Red trim, as well as Jet Black fenders, side panels, and headlights. Also available as an accessory is a matching jet black shortened front fender. Also included are carefully selected chrome accessories for 635,000 baht.

Thruxton RS Chrome Edition is a cafe racer style motorcycle with a modern classic look. With the 1200cc Bonneville engine, a striking chrome fuel tank is finished with a Jet Black paint stripe. The fenders and side panels are Jet Black. Bright chrome contrasts nicely with the seat cover and headlight covers. Matching Jet Black accessory fairings are available. The cover adds custom style and wind protection. This set also comes with other accessories, including a set priced at 714,000 baht.

Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition This 900cc Bonneville features a contemporary Cobalt Blue fuel tank with Chrome Edition metal detailing. This optional accessory is available as an optional accessory, priced at 477,000 baht, offering practicality and custom style. Motorcycles with chrome finishes are Triumph's most popular classic motorcycles. With elegant Jet Black paint stripes and Chrome Edition metal knee pads matching the emblem, the 900cc Bonneville engine is finished with Red Hopper paint. This model features metal triangle triumph jet black side panels with new red and silver graphics and jet black fenders. The classic custom look is completed with a matching Red Hopper windshield. Included in a set of accessories, particularly 414,000 baht.

The Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition features a Brooklands Green fuel tank with classic Jet Black stripes, along with Chrome Edition knee pads with metal badges. As well as Jet Black fenders, side panels and cowls, Jet Black high fenders and Brooklands Green windshields are offered as matching accessories. ARP of 484,000 baht. There were also new Tiger 1200 adventure motorcycles on display, the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer, which combine the best in all aspects. It has a powerful engine with a 3-cylinder 1,160 cc engine to provide more power and torque. As well as an appearance that's slimmer, more streamlined, and a weight that's 25 kilograms lighter than the previous model, it comes with the latest driving technology. Featuring a special 3-year Triumph Warranty for unlimited mileage. Two years of free 24-hour Triumph Roadside Assistance, as well as the value of the service interval up to 16,000 kilometers or 12 months. 1200 Rally Pro price 972,000 baht and 1200 Rally Explorer price 1,039,000 baht

To deliver happiness at the end of the year, the Triumph booth will also feature a variety of highlights, including displaying 26 motorcycles, including all models and segments, along with a very special promotion with a down payment starting at 0 baht, receiving financial offers up to 85,000 baht, or 0% interest. New Tiger 1200 offers a special offer. We are offering free accessories totaling over 92,690 baht, as well as up to 70% off a collection of clothes to complete the look. Check out TRIUMPH BRITISH CORNER, a cool photography corner as if you were in England, etc. At the event. At the 39th Motor Expo, Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, between 1 - 12 December 2022, Triumph Booth G11.

There is no end to the triumph! At the Motor Expo 2022, we will launch 10 models with promotions for every segment.

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